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Published: 21st September 2011
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Getting help creating your brand is one of the best ways you can improve the success of your company and take it from a single small service and make it into an abstract idea, a set of goals, a mission statement and something that is instantly recognizable. If you want to expand your company, to make it recognizable, to make it 'hip' and catchy or just to increase sales and improve the effectiveness of advertising, then creating a strong brand is the best thing you can do.

Think about the greatest brands out there they're Coca Cola, Virgin, Mars, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Nike... all of them are instantly recognizable and are so much more powerful for it. We know what those companies stand for, we know the quality they provide and we all have opinions on them. They're household names and recognizable in any corner of the planet. When it comes to Virgin, the brand itself is what holds the whole company together. The services provided by Virgin are highly different and diverse whether it's train lines or whether it's mobile phone services it's only the color and the delivery that makes it obvious that these are all linked. Richard Branson's aim was to create a brand and a logo that said 'quality' so that in theory you could live your life through Virgin products and services and always get the best quality (whether this is true is up to you to decide).

In some cases it is the brand that has made a company sell more than the products themselves for instance think back to the days at school when it was 'cool' to wear 'Nike'. If it had that tick on it then it was a good product as far as your peers were concerned, it didn't really matter what the clothes were actually like. Many people have speculated that it's the branding of Apple products that make them so successful. All Apple products are instantly recognizable as Apple they feature curved edges and similarly rounded icons. They are generally white, and they have the highly famous white headphones. This makes them more than just great products (though the consistently high quality control on the items really helps) but also fashion items. It's hip to own an iPad, and it's hip to have those white headphones going into your pocket (some great advertising helped to ensure this). Such a simple bit of branding took Apple from a struggling computer company to a highly successful global technology giant that is constantly seen as ahead of its time.

Branding then helps the companies to advertise too it's a two way thing. For instance if your brand it identifiable enough then it will enable you to be able to stamp your logo or your name on things and they then become adverts for your product. Virgin flights found that lots of people were stealing their salt and pepper pots so they cleverly wrote on the bottom 'Stolen from Virgin'. It's tongue in cheek, it's 'hip' and laid back, and it acts as an advert for Virgin that people will to show their friends. Barclays meanwhile gives away free pens in all of its banks that you are invited to take home each one of course branded. Never underestimate the power, reach or use of branding.

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